Training Academy

An agile workforce is needed now more than ever to face increasing competition, evolving customer preferences and rapidly changing market conditions. Organizations that embrace a growth mindset will be better positioned to compete, innovate and win.

Training opportunities come in many shapes and sizes, each tailored to your organization’s specific needs. Every member of our training team brings years of experience in agile, product management, project management and other complimentary disciplines. Most have served in roles where they have led an organization through significant change. The Keyot Training Academy is another example of our mission of enabling you and your teams’ future success.

The Keyot Training Academy works directly with your employees to shift their mindset, build new skills, and be prepared to support your most important strategic initiatives.

Current Programs

Product Academy

Whether you’re on the cusp of transforming your organization’s approach to product management, or simply looking for a refresher on product management best practices, Keyot’s Product Academy can help. Our roster of trainers will enable your team to design better products focused on what your customers really want.

Agile/Scrum Academy

Successful agile transformation requires employees to adopt new processes, language, metrics, and tools to create a cultural change. Seem daunting? Our experienced trainers have led organizations of all sizes through this complex effort and have a track record of success that we’d be happy to tell you more about. Our program also includes an option for participants to achieve Certified Scrum Master (CSM), Advanced Certified Scrum Master (A-CSM) and Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) designations.

Want to schedule a course not on the list?

No problem. We’re always adapting and adding new ones based on your needs.

Madeleine T.

Scrum Master, CSM

I left the training with renewed focus and a list of things to help my team on their journey in Agile. The training also enabled me to better explain how and why Scrum encourages us to think and act in certain ways. I even took away some of your class facilitation techniques to use in future conversations. Superb!

Katherine K.

Leader, Strategic Planning & Execution

On behalf of the entire team, I want to express our huge appreciation for your generosity and creativeness to figure out and execute so flawlessly this amazing opportunity for our team. I’m very impressed with your teams’ technical and planning skills. The content and discussions were both fun and personally informative. I know everyone is very appreciative.