March certainly “came in like a lion” for those of us in the Northland, bringing days of sub-zero temperatures and late season snow. It just seemed wrong. Those days forced me to remember why I live here!

This past week however, there were a few sunny days in the 50’s that allowed my husband Jim and I to venture outdoors and walk around our property through the woods to see if Spring was starting to show itself. Wild turkeys scattered in all directions as they heard our crunching footsteps on the snow packed path. We were grateful to see eagles in a huge nest in one of the pines and we were amazed to watch one soar from the nest in an apparent “fly-by” to quiet the honking geese on the lake. The snow was melting on the hills that enjoyed Southern exposure and we saw glimpses of new green emerging.

In Wisconsin you truly appreciate the beauty of Spring with every new sprout pulling energy from its roots and struggling to make its appearance through ice and snow.

It reminds me that we all have roots – that network of friends, family, colleagues and associates in and around our communities. Our roots are people whose energies support us through transitions, sustain us through the ups and downs of life, challenge us to set and achieve goals and celebrate our successes.

Some of us are more “well-rooted” than others. Spring offers every one of us the opportunity to help someone who – like the new sprouts of Spring – may be struggling to make their appearance known. And instead of ice and snow, their obstacles are the people and processes involved in the hiring decision for a job they desperately want or need.  Just a small amount of energy to search your network in order to make a personal connection can unearth opportunities for friends and associates looking for good work. Your efforts can help Spring fulfill its promise of better things.

I look forward to sharing stories of how our connections can help people transition through life’s challenges. Please send me your stories.  I’d love to hear them and with your permission post them. Warm regards…Jeanine