Anjie Cayot

Co-founder & President

As co-founder and President, Anjie oversees Keyot’s sales and delivery management activities. Anjie possesses a passion for project execution that both baffles and delights her colleagues. Anjie began her career at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Missouri where she used her natural logistic and leadership skills to move into the roles of business analyst and project manager. Her success brought her into a variety of positions throughout the next 15 years – business project management, leading a business-focused project consulting practice, and ultimately Vice President of Information Systems. Her passion for channeling the energy and raw talent of college grads is the driving force behind Keyot’s Crew212® program.

Anjie is wife to Chandler and mother to Hannah and Caroline. She is a mom first and foremost. She enjoys involvement in her girls’ activities at Texas Christian University and Hill Murray High School. Anjie has volunteered at Eagle Brook Church, Woodbury Hockey Club, Liberty Ridge School, the Gateway School, Hill Murray High School and many other not-for-profit endeavors.