Strategic Staffing

Some projects require a team, but others need just one or two people focused on a mission-critical project. Whether you need a business analyst, change manager or project manger, we have people to get the job done.

Many times organizations start a project they aren’t staffed to finish. When your own staff isn’t enough, we come in to move the project to completion. Other times you may want a fresh look at an active project to make sure it stays on track. We can help with that too. The essence of our strategic staffing gives you access to the right talent when and where you need it.

Creating your team

When we pull together a team, we tap into two different types of talent – experienced senior leaders through our Core Consulting and our Crew212 program that builds junior leaders ready for hire at the end of the engagement. Most programs include a blend of both working together with your team.

By embedding young professionals and allowing you to transition these talented individuals to employees at the end of the project, you retain project knowledge and support career growth. If you meet someone from our team and you like them, you can keep them. In fact, we celebrate these moves because it supports our mission to care about people and lead the way.