Stand Out with Stories

I know I say this all the time, but I just love a good story. What is life anyway but a collection of stories. What do we remember and repeat…stories.

When I interview candidates I want to hear a story that paints a picture of who this candidate really is, what they have really done.  Stories stick in my brain.  Imagine how many people a recruiter interviews each week.  Resumes begin to blur together, interview responses can blur together, but the story…yes, the story can stand you out in the crowd.

Now that said, I have heard stories that no one should ever say in an interview, like how they came to be under house arrest.  But a good story of overcoming an obstacle, solving the perceived unsolvable problem, or working through an emergency situation will help you demonstrate your skills and experience and differentiate  you from your competition for the role.  

Today’s business climate makes it even more critical to be memorable in the most positives ways with the hiring manager.  Do you have a good story? I’d love to hear it.