Social Graces When Social Networking

Whether you are actively or passively looking for a new or better career opportunity, it is important to acclimate yourself to some new tools and technologies – specifically Social Networking. As a recruiter, I can’t read a blog or attend a conference without Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and social networking sites being mentioned and highlighted.

Have you set up your accounts? I recommend you do. See for yourself what all the talk, or in Twitter’s case 140 characters of Tweets, is all about. Use these sites to learn, track opportunities and get the word out about what you are looking to do. Chances are someone in your network may be able to help you find what you seek.

So get on Facebook, connect with colleagues and friends on Linkedin, Twitter to your heart’s content and update your resume on job sites. Use these tools and technologies to differentiate yourself in an increasingly competitive hiring environment. But do so with care. Following are 5 important DON’T’S.

  • Don’t slam your old boss or current company on your Facebook, MySpace or any other social networking site
  • Don’t discuss (even in jest) “new drugs” you are taking
  • Don’t post comments about your active or inactive sex life
  • Don’t mention you are suffering from a hangover or “recovering” from a wild night out
  • Don’t post photos or allow yourself to be tagged in photos that you wouldn’t want a prospective employer to see

My Advice: Always remember that the person hiring for the role may be reviewing more than your resume!