Multi-generational Project Teams Done Right

Even during our current challenges, our team is working hard to continue to support our clients, consultants and candidates. Our momentum has never felt more energetic! Nowhere is that more evident than with our innovative multi-generational project teams.

Since 2012, Keyot has been preparing and enabling young professionals to enter corporate project delivery roles through our highly competitive, award-winning Crew212 program. In 2019, more than 8,000 college graduates applied online to be considered for this program. We placed 95 of these highly motivated Crew212 consultants in their first client assignments. However, our support doesn’t stop there. We will continue to provide ongoing mentoring, training and community engagement opportunities for them for up to two years. In short, no one launches young professionals like Keyot!

Paired with experienced people who understand project delivery – and with different responsibilities across a company including marketing, sales, customer services, operations and others – the senior team helps the Crew212 team members learn to navigate a corporation. It makes for a cool way to tackle some of the generational challenges in our workforce.

We first sold Crew212 almost like a management training program. Over time, we’ve realized the value of using Crew212 in the delivery of a solution. With continual refinement, the increasingly popular program illustrates how to combine senior and junior resources to deliver incredibly successful, long-term outcomes.

Integrated project delivery teams help companies plant future leaders 

Keyot often follows big management consulting firms into a project. We come in with the execution talent. What makes Keyot unique is we bring the senior resources who have the subject matter expertise, and experience leading projects and change initiatives. We also bring in  Crew212 resources, who bring more innovative ideas and ask questions that maybe no one else will ask.

Clients get the opportunity to look at their businesses from a young person’s perspective. They understand the benefit of our global thinking training as well as the ability to tap into these young people as future consumers. Meanwhile, our senior team is working next to the Crew212 team, helping them understand the subject matter and teaching them project discipline.

More and more of our clients are asking for these integrated, hybrid teams. At the end of the project, our senior people leave, and the client gets to keep the Crew212 team and convert them into valuable employees. In this way, we help them to plant future leaders who already have the experience in project delivery and execution. They not only know how to fix the problem but also understand the situation that caused it.

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