Keyot remains strong and agile in our commitment to you

This post was written by Anjie Cayot, Co-founder & President at Keyot.

What makes you thrilled to get up each morning? At Keyot, we are passionate about helping our clients and consultants be successful. One of the best compliments I get from our clients is being told, “You really love this!” – and they say it with such energy! Our clients feel our enthusiasm.  It’s that enthusiasm that fuels our commitment to you. 

Twelve years ago when Laura, Chandler and I first launched Keyot from our basement, we each brought something unique to the business. Laura Kelly is a leader and master collaborator. Chandler Cayot sees risks as opportunities and encourages us to move forward. I love building solutions and I thrive on being with clients. In fact, if I could be in front of clients all day, every day, I would be!  

From the start, our shared vision was to serve and help others.  To this day we lead Keyot with a focus on doing everything in our power to ensure our clients and consultants find success with their most important initiatives.  In fact, our entire Keyot team finds passion and joy in the varied opportunities we have to serve others.  Imagine the impact we could make in the world if we helped others fulfill their desire to do great things. 

Success may be defined differently in the months to come  

We are all in this new business climate together.  At Keyot, we remain committed to the business principles that got us to this point – staying nimble and agile. Agility is very much about doing more with less by reducing waste, and having small, high-powered teams that can quickly pivot to meet new challenges.  If you are blessed to have a team of highly-focused professionals, you’re way ahead of the game. 

In today’s uncertain environment, you can trust Keyot to get things done with enthusiasm. We only commit to the things we know we can do, and will always figure out the best way to deliver for our clients. 

Keyot has become so much bigger than just three partners in a Minnesota basement. We are a team of talented professionals, executing on a values-driven model where each individual has the autonomy to use their unique gifts to make it better.  It’s particularly rewarding to watch that movement being pushed forward by our new generation of young professionals. 

It’s a new world. Together, we’ve got this.

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