Job hunters: Join us for LIVE From the Keyot Cafe to learn why your college degree doesn’t have to define your career

Written By Haley Meissen, Crew212 Recruiter

Earning a college degree is a huge accomplishment. But, how do you translate all your hard work into a fulfilling career? Keyot is hosting a series of virtual LIVE From the Keyot Cafe events to help recent grads with their job searches. The next free Zoom event, taking place on Tuesday, September 15 is themed, “Your college degree doesn’t have to define your career.” 

This interactive panel discussion will include tips on how to leverage your college degree to land jobs in a variety of industries, how to continue to build additional skills and experiences around your college degree, and how to think differently about your career path. Please register for the event to interact with us, ask questions, and learn valuable tips.

LIVE From the Keyot Cafe: Engage with us to help launch your career

At Keyot, we’re degree agnostic, as are approximately 50 percent of the employers on Handshake who don’t specify major requirements in their job posting. Our primary focus is that you have a degree, and the GPA performance you attained in getting it.

When I meet new college grads who are narrowing their search to job openings related to their majors, I tell them about my dad. He earned a bachelor’s degree in animal husbandry. He started his career as a part-time bank teller and is now president and CEO of a bank. Careers are rarely a simple linear path based on your college major.  

Here are examples of the advice to be shared during the next LIVE From the Keyot Cafe event:

  • Recognize that all degrees prepare you for a variety of careers. Through our Crew212 program, Keyot mentors and places individuals who have degrees in fields as varied as economics, political science and business. Liberal arts degrees are attractive because critical thinking and problem solving are often involved. No major has a straightforward pathway.
  • Focus on your skills and passions. What do you like to do? If you love working with people and planning events, you might want to go into the hospitality industry. Be creative and think outside the box. Not long ago, we were hiring individuals for data analytics roles. At the time, that major didn’t exist. Society evolves. Consider opportunities that may position you on the ground floor of a new field.  
  • Put aside your fear of trying something new. Employers such as Keyot are looking for the ability to learn. Have you ever bought a new phone? If so, you’ve had to teach yourself how to use the new settings and apps. If you can teach yourself something that basic, you can escalate that to something more challenging. Often, accepting a role in a new industry is not as big a leap as you may think it is.
  • Demonstrating an ability and willingness to learn makes you hirable. Keyot’s clients appreciate the fresh perspective, especially from participants in our Crew212 program. They count on our young Crew212 professionals to share their voices on the projects they’re working on.
  • Have a growth mentality. You must be willing to invest in yourself to get the skills you need. At Keyot, we have a mandatory two-week Crew212 boot camp as well as ongoing training. Our Crew212 people learn how to succeed in a world that is becoming increasingly more automated, how to be thought leaders and how to  look at a situation from multiple perspectives.        

To learn more about exploring career alternatives, and to make valuable connections, register here to attend the LIVE From the Keyot Cafe event, taking place via Zoom at 11:30 a.m. CT on Tuesday, September 15, 2020. This event is open to all recent and soon-to-be college graduates.

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