How to Format a Resume – Help Us Help You!

We talk to hundreds of great IT professionals every month. We also spend a tremendous amount of time on resume positioning. Not all consulting firms do that, but we do it because we want to effectively pull out your experiences and career interests. We do it to help a hiring manager see how your experiences align with their needs. We do it so you get credit for the good work you have done.

I worry that because the resumes we see are so general or condensed to fit on one or two pages, we can no longer see the whole picture of what the candidate can do and we may be missing some very important aspects that would help the candidate get their foot in the door.

This is especially problematic due to the volume of resumes we see and the number of candidates we talk to and help to land their next project, as a limited timeframe restricts how much attention we can give to any single resume. So how can you simplify this process and start with a good resume, so we can position you in the best way possible? Help us help you!

What to Include to Improve Your Resume:

Who are you? What role do you want?

  • In your summary on the first page, be clear about what you do. If you are a Scrum Master, say it. Don’t get lost in flowery language that doesn’t tell us or the hiring manager what you are.

Be front and center with relatable experiences

  • Highlight experience that aligns to the role or job you are applying for. Don’t make the hiring manager work too hard to find it.  Bring it right out front and center. Let them see that if you did x, y, and z, you can certainly do what they need.

Tell a story, a brief one!

  • Your chronological work history should tell a brief story of what you have done. What was the purpose of the project? Give some context around it. Was this a mature Agile company or a group in transition?    Did you build the plan or did you join a project already in flight? How complex was it? What did you do?  What was the outcome? What technical environment or tools were required?

I know you have probably been told to keep it simple and that the reader will spend less than 10 seconds on your resume to decide if they want to interview you. If that is true, make those 10 seconds count!