Here’s what a Keyot talent acquisition/candidate relationship looks like

This post was written by Molly Sterenchuck, Senior Recruiter.

During this work-at-home phase of the coronavirus pandemic, Keyot’s talent acquisition team has been blessed with a generosity of spirit and time with our candidates. This gift of time has magnified our ability to invest in what Keyot does best: get to know our talent beyond their resumes so we can make great matches. 

When the new job market is slower, it’s very easy for recruiters to say, “There aren’t as many jobs. I don’t have anything.”  However, Keyot is in the business of helping organizations and individuals maneuver through change. This mindset extends to our relationships with our candidates. They appreciate that we’ve been reaching out, and taking the time to get to know them, their backgrounds and what is important to them moving forward. Ultimately, we want to get them placed in the right organization, for the right projects, to build on their career goals and desires. 

Here are three things that candidates will experience when working with Keyot: 

  1. We are unique because we segment our Talent Acquisition team by specialty. We become experts in the roles and resources our clients need so we can ask the right questions of potential candidates. For example, I have deep experience in project management. Others specialize in security, data analytics and all things Agile. Because we specialize, we can dive deeper in our conversations with candidates. We’re doing more than just looking at what you did. We’re also looking at what else was required and why. Was the project related to a consolidation? A business acquisition? What more was required in that setting? Did the project require collaboration with technical teams? Outside vendors? With this depth of knowledge, we can confidently present a candidate to a client, tell their story and describe why they are a good fit for the role and the company.
  2. We treat candidates as individuals. Keyot is a relationship-based firm. People don’t like the feeling of being a number or being presented with an opportunity that clearly isn’t a fit for their skills or experience. We’re thoughtful in our outreach. We don’t send mass emails. We won’t send candidates hundreds of jobs. We’ll send the right ones. We only contact candidates with roles that we know will be a fit, based on the relationship we’ve built. 
  3. We nurture long-term relationships. Some consulting agencies have become very transactional. Keyot believes the people with the best relationships win. We want candidates to reach out to us throughout their careers.  I’ve known some people for five years before placing them. It’s common for members of our Talent Acquisition team to know candidates from the time their kids were born to the time they graduated and got married! 

There’s a difference between being a supplier and being a partner. People buy pencils from suppliers.  Partners provide solutions.  As a partner, Keyot maintains a high-touch, high-quality experience for candidates, and ultimately our clients. We believe it’s simply a better way to do things.  

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