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For those outside of the industry, there tend to be several myths and misconceptions about what it’s like to be a consultant. These myths can be attributed to several sources, but mostly come from outdated views on what the industry is like today. In this post, we’ll be dispelling a few of these myths and looking at testimony from Keyot consultants on what it’s like to work as a consultant with us.

Myth #1: Being a Number vs. Being a Person

The idea that recruiters are just trying to place consultants to make a quick buck couldn’t be further from the truth. At Keyot, our recruiting team works very hard to get to know our candidates and place them in roles we think they’ll love. Here’s a note from one of our consultants, Rachel D.:

I always had the misconception that when approached by a recruiter, they’d only be in it for themselves and once they found me a new job I wouldn’t hear from them again. Something was very different about Keyot’s approach. Perhaps it was my circumstances that pushed me to continue conversations with them but the beauty of it is, the moment I chose to become a consultant, I have been supported since day one.”

Myth #2: Consultants are ‘Lone Wolves’

This myth is based on the idea that consultants don’t receive any support from the consulting firm once they start and won’t be contacted until it’s time to renew their contract. Keyot is not one of those firms!

Our Delivery Managers check in regularly with consultants to see how they’re doing and help resolve any issues that come up during the engagement. We also use what we call a “whole-person” approach to consultant support, as it provides support in three ways: individually, professionally, and developmentally. You can read more about it on our website here. Here are some thoughts from consultants about the support they receive:

“I love consulting for the amazing support provided by Keyot! It can be intimidating going into an organization as a new consultant, but my delivery manager has supported me every step of the way!” -Angela S.

“I enjoy being a consultant because I am still learning new things, acclimating myself within a large corporation and opening myself up to help people where I can. There have been some challenges getting off the ground running, but Keyot has been in my corner and working alongside me to find the right position that will allow my previous work experience to flourish and benefit the organization I am a part of.” -Rachel D.

Myth #3: If / When my Engagement Ends, I’m On My Own

Keyot works with our consultants before their engagements end to either get an extension with the client or find a new engagement. We want to support our consultants however we can, and this includes helping them find their next engagement. From Keyot Consultant Molly M:

“Well in advance of the contract end date, my delivery manager works with me and my onsite manager to determine next steps so that there isn’t any gap in work for the client or for me and to ensure that everyone is happy. If this means reassignment, the delivery manager assists in the search.”

A Few Other Pros of Working in Consulting

Rather than just dispelling myths, we also have testimony from our consultants on some of the ways they’ve benefited by entering the consulting world. Here are a few of them:

“Consulting has given me the opportunity to collaborate with new and different groups of people.”

“Consulting has contributed to my career advancement due to my exposure to new and different technologies, applications and methodologies.”

“I chose consulting because it is the perfect way to find out if a company truly lives by their values before committing yourself to that company.”

“Being an hourly employee (versus salaried) gave me pause, and it initially felt like a burden to track/submit. However, it quickly became routine, and I even prefer it now, knowing that I will be paid for all hours worked.”

“I think what intrigued me the most was knowing that I could have the potential of being assigned positions that I may not have otherwise applied for on my own.”

Final Thoughts

There are certainly more misconceptions that we could tackle, but those listed above are a few of the main ones we encounter. Also, there are still firms where you may experience what we’ve debunked as myths, but that’s not how we do things at Keyot.

If you have any questions or want to know more about the Keyot process, don’t be afraid to reach out to one of our recruiters or email us at info@keyot.com! Consulting really isn’t as scary as it may seem. Keyot wants all our candidates and consultants to be as excited as we are about everything this industry has to offer!

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