This week we lost the opportunity for the perfect candidate to fill a role by minutes. Literally. By the time we reached the candidate, received permission to submit them for the role and made a few modifications to the resume to highlight their experiences that matched the need, the position closed to new candidates. They had received enough resumes.

You could hear the collective groan of frustration across the office.

Competition for every role is 10 times what it was just a year ago. Speed is absolutely essential to win the role you want. You have to be at the ready at all times. My Advice:

  1. Have your cell available at all times.
  2. Make sure your resume is polished and ready to go.
  3. If your recruiter calls and asks you to modify your resume do it immediately. If you aren’t by your computer to do it, ask the recruiter if they can modify it for you while you are on the phone with them and forward the end result to you for your records.
  4. Develop a trusted relationship with your recruiter.  Make sure they know your strengths, your desired roles that play on those strengths and your pay rate targets.
  5. Give your recruiter permission to represent you exclusively to certain clients and permission to submit you if they can’t reach you for some reason.

Today requirements close rapidly as clients receive all the resumes they need or can manage. Minutes can make the difference if you want to be considered.