It makes me crazy when I post a job and get hundred responses from people who obviously didn’t read the job description. Don’t waste my time! Now, I admit I may not write the very best of job postings, but responding to an ad that you don’t have the required skills in no way enhances your ability to work for the company you applied.

I could accept someone telling me that they didn’t have one of the required skills, but had a related skill. I get that. I know it has been a sore spot for candidates that they send in resumes and never get a response – they feel their qualifications are just lost in that infamous black hole.

Today, every recruiter gets hundreds of responses to every requirement. Increase your chance of staying out of that black hole by highlighting your experience specifically related to the job posting. If the role requires 3 years of experience, state the years of experience you have.

Now is not the time to waste your recruiters’ time.  I heard a statistic that the manager/recruiter spends an average of 7 seconds viewing your resume and deciding if the candidate is worth future examination or a call.

You want your resume to quickly demonstrate your fit, right? My Advice: Read your resume and have a trusted friend or colleague read it to be sure you have positioned your skills and qualifications effectively related to the job you are applying. Ask your readers if they can see in less than 7 seconds if you fit the job. If no, don’t send it!  Revise and review to reduce the chances your resume gets lost.