5 questions to consider before you partner with a recruiter

Written by Jeanine Rickson, Director of Recruiting

As a consultant, in many ways you are trusting your career to the recruiter who is identifying potential job opportunities for you. Your relationship with that person and/or agency can have a huge impact on your career’s direction. You have a choice. Here are five questions you may want to consider before working with a recruiter.  

  • Does the recruiter understand your career goals and what you desire from your next role? At Keyot, we don’t just look at openings that match your desired job title and industry. We want to match you with the right projects, culture and client team that will help you build your skills and move your career in your desired direction. 
  • Do you trust the recruiter to tell your story?  Connecting the dots between a job description and what’s on a resume isn’t always obvious. Keyot believes that resumes are simply a starting point. We want to know the stories behind each bullet point: what happened, how it happened, and the environment in which it happened.  
  • Does the firm representing you have expertise in your desired area? Everyone on Keyot’s talent acquisition team has a unique specialty, ranging from security and healthcare to all things Agile. We know how to ask the right questions to identify synergies between our candidates and clients. 
  1. How well does the firm know its clients?  Keyot is a relationship company. Once we start working with clients, we become extensions of their teams. We nurture long-term relationships with key players. We know their management styles and preferences. And because we also know our candidates well, we have a good idea of who will fit best into any given opening. 
  2. Will the recruiter give you good counsel? At Keyot we pride ourselves on giving you honest, timely information and feedback that will help you, as a job seeker, to make the best decisions for your situation.  Long-term relationships are built on trust and respect, which is why our network of consultants and candidates is full of talented resources we’ve known for years.  

When you work with Keyot, you’re partnering with someone who knows you well and will find opportunities that are the best fit for your skills, experience, personality, work habits and career goals.

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