Problem solvers with a people solution

We use multiple solutions to achieve your goals. No matter how we support your business, our people enable you to take over when our work ends. Every project comes with our 100% guarantee of successful completion.

It starts with finding top talent. Then we invest in our people with a proprietary combination of mentoring, training and resources to build out the whole person. With the right talent we enable clients to deliver complex programs, implement agile transformations and build a next-generation workforce through our creative resource solutions.

Targeted recruiting at 2,000+ colleges

Our rigorous recruiting and screening identifies top graduates who have the grades, emotional intelligence and work ethic to excel.

Whether you’re a seasoned consultant or a young professional, discover your next career step with Keyot.


  • How to land a great position in this dramatically different job market
    A few months ago, there were plenty of openings for consultants. Almost overnight, all of these wonderful candidates are now competing with one another for the few openings that clients have prioritized as essential. It’s definitely not a generalist’s market right now.  Despite this abrupt change in the market, it …
  • The Realities and Rewards of Retaining Millennials and GenZ
    Millennials and Gen Z now comprise about half of the American workforce, which some corporations still find problematic. Millennials and Gen Zs don’t think, work or process information the same as Gen Xers and baby boomers do, and that has created challenges in workforce development. Often, pairing these very technology-enabled …
  • Multi-generational Project Teams Done Right
    Even during our current challenges, our team is working hard to continue to support our clients, consultants and candidates. Our momentum has never felt more energetic! Nowhere is that more evident than with our innovative multi-generational project teams. Since 2012, Keyot has been preparing and enabling young professionals to enter …